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The Market Leader in Massively Scalable
Web Content Extraction

Ordinary web scrapers, screen scrapers, and scripts can't support the volume, precision, and resiliency needed to make web content aggregation truly profitable.

Connotate’s combination of proven technology and real-world experience turns the web’s big data into a worldwide database for our customers. With Connotate, information service providers and other data-centric companies dramatically increase their content harvesting capacity, drive down their ongoing cost of content extraction, and radically reduce the complexity of their downstream data operations. 

Connotate has an innovative, patented approach to web content extraction that goes far beyond web scraping or custom scripts. It combines a visual understanding of how websites work with advanced machine learning, making web content extraction scalable, precise and reliable.
With Connotate, you can grow your web content harvesting at the speed of business.

  • Scales to hundreds of thousands of websites
  • Adapts to complex, evolving web content
  • Dramatically reduces effort of building agents
  • Eliminates costly, error-prone manual work
  • Allows frequent data refreshes
  • Drives down ongoing agent maintenance
  • Vastly improves data quality
  • Surgical extraction drives down data volumes
  • Lowers complexity of downstream processing
  • Makes content easier to ingest and aggregate
  • Easier to link sources and resolve common entities
  • Integrates with existing systems and processes
  • Operational monitoring reduces downtime

Find out how Connotate can unlock the value of web content for your business. Fill out the form on the right, and one of our experts will be glad to help.